Friday, August 5, 2011

Card Stock & Burlap Bunting

Bunting is a great way to personalise any special occasion in a fun and unique way and let your personality shine!

We handmake our bunting so it can be as dramatic, subtle, big or small as you would like and can be made from a variety of materials such as card stock, burlap, vintage fabrics and tissue paper, so as to create a perfect & unique detail for your occasion. Regardless of the theme, you can be sure that there is a color and texture that will provide the look and feel you are going for.

The theme and feel of your occasion will help dictate the material you will want to incorporate into the event. If you are planning more of a country themed event or going for a rustic feel, burlap is a great way option. For more elegant occasions such as a wedding or a 50th wedding anniversary you may want to go with silks, laces, pretty or vintage fabrics or even various parchment papers. Many modern themes allow for a variety of fun materials from classic bolds to various pastels or totally contrasting colors and textures.
After choosing your primary material you then get to choose the shape & textures as well. From pennant flags to hearts, circles, squares, ribbons or 3D designs. There are numerous different and fun uses for bunting and we love to create individual and unique designs for our clients.

Give your next special occasion that personalised touch that creates the atmosphere of celebration!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Ice Crème Buffet

Finally PHOTO’s of the Ice Crème buffet we created for my dad’s 60th Birthday last weekend! combining his two favourite things Ice Crème and AFL Football!

We had all his favourite ice crème flavours & toppings

a cake & dessert table filled with cupcakes and cookies all reflecting his favourite football teams colours 

A midnight snack for guests as they head home


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tips for Planning your own Dessert Buffet

A dessert buffet is similar to a candy bar but filled with a variety of desserts not sweets! Dessert buffets are as diverse as candy buffets and are only limited by ones imagination. They can host anything from cupcakes to cream puffs, cake pops to tiramisu and anything in-between.

A great way to link your buffet to your special occasion is through your theme and the dishes you serve, be it cultural favourites, colours, flavours, and even textures.
Some tips to help when planning a dessert buffet at your next special occasion:
• Have a solid idea of the colours for your dessert buffet.

• Choose your theme. If the dessert buffet is for a wedding reception you may want to follow suit with your wedding colours only, the wedding theme, or with the cuisine being served.

• Decide if you would like a backdrop to highlight your dessert buffet such as draped fabric, canvas, or various other backgrounds to set off your dessert buffet.

• Keep in mind the colour, feel and theme you want your dessert buffet to have and then choose your design layout and linens to follow through with that vision.

• Be creative with your dessert choices and your layout. Think visual appeal when making your choices.

• Include personalised labels in creative ways to display your dessert choices, maybe chalkboard signs or other creative ways to capture and accent your theme perfectly.

• Don’t forget the serving utensils, eatery utensil and service wear. You may even want to consider favour bags/boxes for those who would rather take their special treat home with them to enjoy later.

• Keep in mind food allergies. Make sure to mark clearly those foods containing common food allergies such as peanut, chocolate, and egg allergies.

• If you want photos, take them before the guests arrive as they have a tendency to look, touch and eat the goodies as soon as they see them!

The most important thing is to have fun creating & eating your dessert buffet !!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine’s Day 2011

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we've just finished putting together our special Valentine's Day range for 2011.

Spoil your loved ones this Valentine’s Day with some of our gorgeous chocolate treats from the UK & USA.
Limited-edition Language of Love M&M blends, featuring romantic colors and sweet clip-art

Limited Edition Valentine’s Day milk, peanut & dark chocolate M&M’s.

Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Hershey Packs

Pre orders can be placed via email or purchase through the website from 1 February 2011


Friday, August 6, 2010

Slipper & Flip Flop Baskets

Weddings are a great time to let your personality shine! if you love to party then the perfect event detail for your special occasion would be a slipper or flip flop basket. We can design and personalise a slipper/flip flop basket for any occasion from a casual beach wedding to a girl’s night in fuzzy slipper delight!

Sandy beaches, country affairs and back yard weddings are just a few of the great Wedding venues that are perfect for a slipper/flip flop basket. Your guests will love to slip out of those heels and kick on for hours of fun and dancing!

We tailor each basket to exactly what you want, there are various types of slippers or flip flops you can choose from (including a personalised flip flops range), you can choose to have your basket placed around your dance floor, on guest chairs, or even in the restrooms for easy access for anyone whose feet may be feeling a bit weary from all the fun. You can choose the vessel (baskets, tubs or something creative) that you would like to have to display them, and most importantly you can choose the colours!

The colour options in both slippers and flip flops are endless and can be easily matched to your wedding theme colours. You can have several different colours or opt for one more natural colour and dress them up by having them in their own individual organza bags of a specific colour.

We can incorporate additional details such as single or double sided tags (one side might have the size and the other side have the wedding/event/logo/date/poem/ or anything you like.) We can help you pick the perfect display idea that stays within your theme and your budget, including signage & how you want the slippers/ flip flops organised.

When you want to give your guests a memorable gift while also supplying them comfort, let them kick off their heels and just dance in a comfortable pair of slippers or flip flops!

Some examples of our work .......


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Amenity & Bathroom Baskets

One of the most popular details we create for weddings & special occasions are amenity/bathroom baskets. They are an affordable way to personalise your wedding and provide those small comforts from home for your entire guest list.

We have all been out enjoying ourselves when we realise we need a safety pin for our dress or perhaps mouth wash to freshen up. Our amenity baskets provide for such a situation and knowing that you have one on hand in the restrooms will not only help you feel more at ease that everything is taken care of but also make your guests feel well looked after.

Amenity/bathroom baskets can be as extravagant as your budget will allow, however a simple basket with some necessities is inexpensive and extremely well received by guests. You can arrange to have your baskets compliment your wedding or event theme through décor on the basket’s themselves and through your informational signage. Depending on your venue and destination, you can incorporate some of the region necessities into your wedding bathroom baskets to give them even more personality and flair.

You can choose from a variety of vessels such as various decorative boxes, baskets, vases, totes, and tubs to display your amenities into while working with in your budget. Even a small budget will offer your guest that extra touch on those moments when they think “I wish I would have brought some…”.

Bathroom baskets can contain a multiple of items such as:

• Aspirin/Panadole or Anti-acids tablets (Women’s and Men’s Bathroom Baskets)

• Feminine Hygiene Products and Hollywood Fashion Tape Items (Women’s Bathroom Basket)

• Personalized Hygiene Products such as deodorant (spray), mouth wash, individual disposable tooth brushes, dental floss, mints, contact lens solution, Q-tips, Tweezers, perfume/cologne, tissues (Men’s and Women’s Bathroom Baskets)

• Hand care products such as scented hand soaps in pumps, hand lotions, nail filer, nail polish/clear gloss, nail clippers, eye drops (Men’s and Women’s Bathroom Baskets – scent and product appropriate)

• Hair care Products such as hair spray, hair gel, bobbi pins, hair clips, combs, brushes, etc. (Women’s and Men’s Bathroom Baskets)

• First Aid Items such as Band aides or gauze (Men’s and Women’s Bathroom Baskets)

• Miscellaneous Items such as sewing kits, lint rollers, instant spot removers, lint remover, safety pins, scissors, etc. (Women’s and Men’s Bathroom Baskets)

• Personalised paper hand towels (Men’s and Women’s Bathroom Baskets)

It is the little details you incorporate into your special occasion that will make yours stand out amongst any other and the gestures that will make your guests feel special and well looked after. We will happily help you create this wonderful and thoughtful gesture for your guest.

Our amenity/bathroom baskets are an elegant and tasteful gesture that your guest will appreciate immensely.