Sunday, May 16, 2010

Amenity & Bathroom Baskets

One of the most popular details we create for weddings & special occasions are amenity/bathroom baskets. They are an affordable way to personalise your wedding and provide those small comforts from home for your entire guest list.

We have all been out enjoying ourselves when we realise we need a safety pin for our dress or perhaps mouth wash to freshen up. Our amenity baskets provide for such a situation and knowing that you have one on hand in the restrooms will not only help you feel more at ease that everything is taken care of but also make your guests feel well looked after.

Amenity/bathroom baskets can be as extravagant as your budget will allow, however a simple basket with some necessities is inexpensive and extremely well received by guests. You can arrange to have your baskets compliment your wedding or event theme through décor on the basket’s themselves and through your informational signage. Depending on your venue and destination, you can incorporate some of the region necessities into your wedding bathroom baskets to give them even more personality and flair.

You can choose from a variety of vessels such as various decorative boxes, baskets, vases, totes, and tubs to display your amenities into while working with in your budget. Even a small budget will offer your guest that extra touch on those moments when they think “I wish I would have brought some…”.

Bathroom baskets can contain a multiple of items such as:

• Aspirin/Panadole or Anti-acids tablets (Women’s and Men’s Bathroom Baskets)

• Feminine Hygiene Products and Hollywood Fashion Tape Items (Women’s Bathroom Basket)

• Personalized Hygiene Products such as deodorant (spray), mouth wash, individual disposable tooth brushes, dental floss, mints, contact lens solution, Q-tips, Tweezers, perfume/cologne, tissues (Men’s and Women’s Bathroom Baskets)

• Hand care products such as scented hand soaps in pumps, hand lotions, nail filer, nail polish/clear gloss, nail clippers, eye drops (Men’s and Women’s Bathroom Baskets – scent and product appropriate)

• Hair care Products such as hair spray, hair gel, bobbi pins, hair clips, combs, brushes, etc. (Women’s and Men’s Bathroom Baskets)

• First Aid Items such as Band aides or gauze (Men’s and Women’s Bathroom Baskets)

• Miscellaneous Items such as sewing kits, lint rollers, instant spot removers, lint remover, safety pins, scissors, etc. (Women’s and Men’s Bathroom Baskets)

• Personalised paper hand towels (Men’s and Women’s Bathroom Baskets)

It is the little details you incorporate into your special occasion that will make yours stand out amongst any other and the gestures that will make your guests feel special and well looked after. We will happily help you create this wonderful and thoughtful gesture for your guest.

Our amenity/bathroom baskets are an elegant and tasteful gesture that your guest will appreciate immensely.