Friday, August 6, 2010

Slipper & Flip Flop Baskets

Weddings are a great time to let your personality shine! if you love to party then the perfect event detail for your special occasion would be a slipper or flip flop basket. We can design and personalise a slipper/flip flop basket for any occasion from a casual beach wedding to a girl’s night in fuzzy slipper delight!

Sandy beaches, country affairs and back yard weddings are just a few of the great Wedding venues that are perfect for a slipper/flip flop basket. Your guests will love to slip out of those heels and kick on for hours of fun and dancing!

We tailor each basket to exactly what you want, there are various types of slippers or flip flops you can choose from (including a personalised flip flops range), you can choose to have your basket placed around your dance floor, on guest chairs, or even in the restrooms for easy access for anyone whose feet may be feeling a bit weary from all the fun. You can choose the vessel (baskets, tubs or something creative) that you would like to have to display them, and most importantly you can choose the colours!

The colour options in both slippers and flip flops are endless and can be easily matched to your wedding theme colours. You can have several different colours or opt for one more natural colour and dress them up by having them in their own individual organza bags of a specific colour.

We can incorporate additional details such as single or double sided tags (one side might have the size and the other side have the wedding/event/logo/date/poem/ or anything you like.) We can help you pick the perfect display idea that stays within your theme and your budget, including signage & how you want the slippers/ flip flops organised.

When you want to give your guests a memorable gift while also supplying them comfort, let them kick off their heels and just dance in a comfortable pair of slippers or flip flops!

Some examples of our work .......