Friday, February 19, 2010

Candy Bars & Buffets

Candy Bars & Buffets are quickly becoming the number 1 “what I really would like”
for our clients at weddings and special occasions. It brings a fun atmosphere to anything and is always sweetly received. Many clients are now incorporating them into their special occasions to bring not only a sugar high to keep everyone dancing and having fun, but for the atmosphere and excited chatter that follows wherever one pops up!

A big misconception when it comes to Candy Bars and Treats stations is that they are expensive. For our buffets and stations this is not the case and we have lots of ways to help get the most for your money while also creating a unique & fun display. For example consider what you would like out of your buffet is it a fun extra or could it be your bonbonniere or dessert as well?

Our Candy Bars can incorporate any and all types of lolly’s, candy and chocolate products available locally or from our range of imported chocolates & candies – the choice is limited only by what you want.

You can mix and match your   favourite’s sweets or opt for a buffet that reflects your event colours or theme.

We have lots of different ideas to help you personalised your buffet and there are so many possibilities that will set yours apart from others from cake pops to chocolate fountains, personalised chocolate bars to French Macaroons we can work within your budget to create something fantastic that your guests will enjoy and talk about for a long while to come.