Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Warm up with a Pashmina Basket

Are you planning an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception? The weather can turn from pleasant to chilly so quickly in the evening and one of our most popular wedding details can also double as a keep warm for your guests, our Pashmina Baskets.

Available in a huge range of colours and fabrics we custom design each basket for our clients, everything is flexible and can be changed to meet your needs. You can have a selection of colours or just one; you can select the material used and the number purchased; we can add extra details such as personalised tags, messages or even embroidery, it’s completely up to you!

When it comes to displaying & distributing your pashmians you again have a variety of options, you can place folded pashminas over the back of chairs, have them displayed on a table at the entrance with escort cards, placed on reception tables chairs or in baskets around your ceremony or reception.

Your guests will love such a thoughtful and practical gift and at the same time it adds a pretty pop of colour to your wedding décor’.

Some examples of our custom designed baskets......

Small basket for just the Bridal Party ~
Bride & Flower Girl had white and navy matched the Bridesmaids dresses

Small basket of mixed colours for an intimate garden wedding

Pink &White Wool Pashmina Basket

Sample Design