Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tips for Planning your own Dessert Buffet

A dessert buffet is similar to a candy bar but filled with a variety of desserts not sweets! Dessert buffets are as diverse as candy buffets and are only limited by ones imagination. They can host anything from cupcakes to cream puffs, cake pops to tiramisu and anything in-between.

A great way to link your buffet to your special occasion is through your theme and the dishes you serve, be it cultural favourites, colours, flavours, and even textures.
Some tips to help when planning a dessert buffet at your next special occasion:
• Have a solid idea of the colours for your dessert buffet.

• Choose your theme. If the dessert buffet is for a wedding reception you may want to follow suit with your wedding colours only, the wedding theme, or with the cuisine being served.

• Decide if you would like a backdrop to highlight your dessert buffet such as draped fabric, canvas, or various other backgrounds to set off your dessert buffet.

• Keep in mind the colour, feel and theme you want your dessert buffet to have and then choose your design layout and linens to follow through with that vision.

• Be creative with your dessert choices and your layout. Think visual appeal when making your choices.

• Include personalised labels in creative ways to display your dessert choices, maybe chalkboard signs or other creative ways to capture and accent your theme perfectly.

• Don’t forget the serving utensils, eatery utensil and service wear. You may even want to consider favour bags/boxes for those who would rather take their special treat home with them to enjoy later.

• Keep in mind food allergies. Make sure to mark clearly those foods containing common food allergies such as peanut, chocolate, and egg allergies.

• If you want photos, take them before the guests arrive as they have a tendency to look, touch and eat the goodies as soon as they see them!

The most important thing is to have fun creating & eating your dessert buffet !!