Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Welcome Bags ~ Say Thank You with a Guest Welcome Bag

Weddings bring family and friends together from all over the globe. Close friends and family will travel great distances to lend their love and support for a loved one’s big day. When our family & friends go to such length to be present for a day as special as your wedding, offering them a welcome note & gift is a great way to show them just how much it means to you that they are there.

Guest welcome bags, also known as OOT (Out of Town) Bags/Boxes are a great alternative to saying “welcome” and “so glad you came” when you are dealing with an usually hectic schedule taking care of last minute details and preparations for your big day.

Welcome Bags/Boxes can be as large or as small as your budget will allow. The extra expense in this inclusion into your wedding can give you the opportunity to personalise and memorialise your day for everyone. They can include an array of items as extravagant as you can dream up to simple & inexpensive items that are just as well received. From just a simple welcome letter to the ultimate splurge you can fill your gift bags/boxes with snacks to curb the traveler’s appetite, local treats from the area, or even homemade delights.

Easily incorporate your wedding surrounds into your gift bags/boxes too! If your setting is a beach front consider putting beach towels, sunscreen and flip flops into your gift bags/boxes. If you are planning a country getaway, perhaps a welcome gift bag full of homemade goodies; handcraft items and local treat. Winter wedding bags could be filled with hot chocolate mixes, coffee mixes, fuzzy slippers or even fun matching flannel pajamas. Top off any destination wedding bag with chocolates & candy. It is a great way to fill it to the brim and stay within a budget easily. The possibilities are limited only by ones imagination.

We can personalise your guest welcome gift bags to suit ay occasion. We can happily work within any ones budget large or small to create great custom designed welcome gift bags; gift boxes; gift baskets, or printed linen or calico bags. We can provide a pack of information including a welcome letter, brochures on the local region & things to do, schedule of events for the wedding, contact phone number etc that can be included with the welcome gift. Should you wish we can coordinate with your hotel to have the gifts delivered to your guests rooms to await their arrival.