Monday, September 14, 2009

Personalised Chocolate Bars

Sweet Wedding Favor ~ Personalised Chocolate Bars

Nothing is a sweeter treat nor more complimentary to love than that of chocolate. Chocolate is a classic crowd pleaser which is why it makes for the perfect wedding favor or gift for any occasion!

When planning a special occasion, cost is always a factor; however we all still look for ways to add our own personal touch to our events. Personalised chocolate bars are a great accent and guest favor at weddings and special occasions. They are a lovely addition to your sweet or dessert bar, and they can also be quite economical and when placed on tables and act as both your place card & guest favor.
We have a sweet variety of chocolate bar sizes that we can design and create personalised wrappers for, that suit any occasion and fit within your budget. Your personalised wrapper design can be a favorite quote, a love message, a picture, the bride and groom’s names and date of marriage, or whatever one desires.
Contact us for a custom quote to see how we can fit a personalised chocolate bar design into your next special occasion.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Unique Props, Accent Details & Vintage Hire Collection

Save yourself time & money when organising your next special occasion and utilise our hire collection. Our collection has a wide range of props, accent details and vintage items that can help you bring your vision to life, from the largest down to the smallest of details. For a fraction of the cost of purchasing these items yourself you can create a theme, look and feel for your special occasion that is uniquely your own.
We have a wide variety of items as part of our collection from popular new event items such as Apothecary Vases, Ribbon Cake Plates & Drink Dispensers to our eclectic and vintage items like our blue ball mason jars and crystal pieces.

Our collection can be used to create beautiful centerpieces, table displays, vintage photo shoots, photo props, dessert bars & treat stations, room theming décor or anything you can imagine.
We put a selection of our most popular pieces on the website but as we are always adding to the collection please let us know if you are after something in particular or what your event theme is and we can show you all the pieces we have available.

Most products do have an individual hire price, however if you would like to use a variety of items we can create a custom package for you at a discount. We also enjoy working with other stylists, photographers and designers and the like and will happily organise a great rate for product credit and image sharing, please contact us for further details.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Staged Exists ~ Sparklers & Matchboxs

To leave from your wedding reception under the glow of fireworks while truly magical, is a luxury that a lot of people just can’t justify.

Instead a lovely way to end the evening is surrounded by your friends & family in a sea of sparkers… not only can the effect be quite dramatic but it’s also gives your loved ones a final opportunity to get involved, have fun and send you both on your way in with some magic & sparkle.

We custom design staged exit sparkler packs that suit your theme & budget and we are happy to work with you to achieve your desired look and feel. Everything is flexible and all the options can be customised to suit your theme including the selection of matchbox designs, ribbon colors and different types of presentation.

Our sparkler packs can come in sets with or without individual matchboxes and the type and length of the sparklers can also be changed.

Staged exists are a fun, magical and inexpensive way to let you put your own personal stamp on your big day.

Some examples of our sparkler packs


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our selection of UK & USA Chocolates & Treats

Sweeten Up Special Days with Imported Chocolates and Candies

A common thread runs through many of the special days on the calendar .... celebration & sweet treats. We have gone a step further by stocking interesting, unusual and yummy chocolates and treats from the USA and UK for Easter, Christmas and other occasions. In fact, I know of no one else that is currently stocking the range we are!

For instance, single colour M&M’s are very easy to coordinate with a party theme or a holiday celebration and look amazing on Candy Bars and Dessert Buffets. Holidays should be sweet and beautiful, for the Christmas season M&M’s releases a red and green themed collection, Hershey’s Kisses come wrapped in colours of the season as well and a wide variety of candies have colourful labels, all centred on the traditional seasonal motifs.

For Easter we stock the M&M’s mixed pastel collection, Peeps Easter bunnies and an assortment of chocolate & multicoloured sugar confectionary. Standard Hershey’s candies such as Reese’s, Kit-Kat’s, Kisses and Hershey’s Miniatures also come in Easter-themed packaging. The chocolate is sweet, rich and excellent, and the wrapping makes the candies all the more special.

Other treats include Cupcake Toppers, Crackers, and many varieties of imported candy bars & treats and every holiday treat is beautifully wrapped in colourful holiday-themed designs. Spread them out on a table and watch as excited guests snap them up.

We add seasonal products to the website as soon as we have them available and prior to their release we can take pre orders via email.